Working Deal

It is essential for artists who accept the deal to understand that this is a partnership; we are not employees of any office or any artist collaborating with us.

With the experience accumulated in our tours with Gira en KAsas, there is no need to add more personnel to the GK work team. Our team has all the necessary knowledge to perform the work comprehensively. Therefore, any additional person who needs to travel, aside from the artist, must justify their participation with specific contributions they will make to the tour.

The labor agreement established by Gira en KAsas is characterized by its fairness and transparency. For each show, the artist will receive 50% of the ticket sales, free of deductions. The other 50% will go to Gira en KAsas to cover a series of fundamental elements that ensure the success and quality of each presentation.

Professional salaries: Adequate remuneration is guaranteed for essential roles such as the sound engineer, tour manager, support staff, and driver. This ensures that all technical and logistical aspects are in expert hands.

Logistics expenses: The costs of tolls, fuel, and vehicle maintenance are included. This ensures that the team travels efficiently and safely, providing a smooth experience.

Accommodation and meals: Good quality hotel accommodation will be provided for the team and talent. However, meal expenses during the artist’s tour will be borne by each member, given that experience has shown that meal costs can vary widely, ranging from economical to more expensive options.

Date management: Gira en KAsas will handle the booking and organization of the tour dates, ensuring optimal planning for the artist.

Professional equipment: A comfortable van and an appropriate trailer will be provided to transport the audio equipment and the small stage. This ensures that the show has the necessary equipment for each presentation.

Social media presence: Gira en KAsas will work in the digital realm to promote the tour on social media and maximize the artist’s visibility, ensuring an engaged audience. This collaboration must be reciprocal on the artist’s own networks to achieve maximum impact.

This comprehensive approach allows the artist to focus on their performance while Gira en KAsas takes care of the logistical and management details. Together, we create memorable experiences for the audience and ensure a conducive environment for artistic success.

At Gira en KAsas, we collaborate closely with artists with dedication and passion, but it is vital to understand that we do not operate as direct employees. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a cordial and respectful relationship with the entire team.

We will select houses considering their capacity and location.

The GK team will handle the counting and selling of the artist’s merchandise with a 15% commission on the total sales amount.

The minimum ticket price is 500 pesos, and its final determination is based on a mutual agreement, considering the artist’s career and current status.

The way we handle the artist’s earnings from ticket sales: Gira en KAsas does not intervene in them at any time.

On Mondays, immediately after the weekend of performances, we conduct an accounting process via email in collaboration with the ticketing company Passline. They simply send us their account number and attach their tax receipt. Subsequently, on Wednesday, Passline takes care of the transfer. This routine ensures that the earnings reach the artist’s hands promptly and orderly. The commission for ticket sales corresponds 100% to Passline, which applies a 13% charge on the cost of each ticket.

Click on the image to download the Technical Rider of GK.

Catering Service:

The catering service will be tailored to the artist’s needs, adapting according to their requirements and the circumstances that arise during the journey.